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Swans Prescription Goggles

The Ideal Solution for Short Sighted Swimmers!

Swans are leading the way in prescription swimming goggles. The first - and dare we say it the best - manufacturer in the world to introduce prescription swimming goggles, Swans offer the ideal solution for swimmers who are short sighted.

These FO2 prescription goggles are based on Swans' most popular goggle, the SR2M. They have a smoked lens, but are otherwise identical, sharing the same double gasket, nose-piece and strap. Fitted with high quality polycarbonate lenses with UV protection and anti-fog coating, the goggles have been designed to go the distance.

Learn how to choose the correct strength for your Swan prescription goggles HERE.

**Please note that goggles are symmetrical, with the same strength in each eye. If you need a mixed level of correction, please purchase two pairs, separate them and re-combine to create the perfect prescription!

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