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Slide Surfskates

The Next Revolution in Skateboarding is HERE!

When the waves are flat what do you do?

Slide SurfSkate's have a unique 'spring-pivot' front truck turning mechanism which allows you to mimic surfing on land, performing extreme turns and cutbacks and radical rail to rail transitions all with absolute confidence and without nasty 'wheel bite'. Unlike traditional 'old-school' skateboards, these Slide SurfSkate's are super responsive and will not throw you off. Best thing of all, due to the unique design of the Slide SurfSkate, there is no need to push to gain momentum as the 'surf technique' that is used via the use of your rear leg and arms and the shifting of your body weight, provides the necessary momentum to propel the surfskate forward. The Slide SurfSkate is excellent for improving confidence and board riding ability and will help maintain your surfing skills and fitness base out of the water.

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