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Breed Watches

Timepieces That Are More Than a Tool

A watch is no longer simply a tool. It's an expression of one's unique qualities, a conversation starter, an ice breaker. Breed watches have the capability to reveal so much more than just time.

Breed watches are designed to un-knowingly express the traits of the wearer directly on their sleeve. A subtle hint to a new acquaintance, a bridge between similar identities. Created for the leaders, the gifted, the courageous. It becomes a part of you, like a broken in pair of jeans, a lived in leather jacket.

It doesn't matter if you're an architect in Manhattan or a mechanic in so-cal. Breed offers a watch that complements the distinctive personality. From fine automatic movements and deco styling to, Swiss chronographs and titanium finishes. Breed offers the most diverse, and intriguing styles available. You just have to ask yourself, what's your Breed?

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